The fastest way to teach your child how  to read
The fastest way to teach your child how  to read
Using the power of phonics and music
Parent Success Stories
This is probably one of our most amazing success stories. We had several children in this particular school that did not speak the English language. Yet they were able to learn how to read in just three weeks. Although there were several students in the class that did not speak English, we only conducted the video testing on three students: two little boys from Cuba and one little girl from Haiti. The two little boys only spoke Spanish and could not recognize any of the alphabets. After three weeks one of the little boys advanced faster than the other one but they were both reading in about three weeks. The little girl only spoke Creole and she was incredibly shy. One of her teachers said she would come alive when they put Learning to Read with M.C. Ant Tanna on the television. The teacher reported that not only was the child reading in three weeks, but she also became more interactive. This is truly a success story because she became one of the best readers in her class and to our amazement; she was chosen to read a speech at the class graduation.
This is one of our biggest success stories. We had a local private school to adopt our reading program as their main reading curriculum. The director said before using our program there was an outcry from parents that their children could not read and that they had very little comprehension. She said that within just days of using our program, all of the children knew their alphabet and all the sounds of the alphabet. At the end of the first school year almost all of the graduating 5 and 6 year olds were reading at the second or third grade reading level.
A single mom of two wonderful daughters, four and two years old, is amazed at how quickly her daughters learned to read. "Its only been a week." she says.
The Director of a small private school is extremely proud of the progress her students have made. She says her schoolchildren struggled with their timetables until getting "Rap and Learn Your Timetables with M.C. Ant Tanna". She goes on to say "All of the students have shown a tremendous overall improvement. Some of them have mastered the timetables in just days after using the program."
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This parent tells how our program helped her son improve his speech while he was learning how to read. She says he is now pronouncing words more clearly.
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