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The following is probably one of our most amazing and
gratifying success stories.

We had several children in this particular school that
did not speak the English language at all. Yet they
were able to learn how to read in just three weeks.
Although there were several students in the class that
did not speak English, we only conducted the video
testing on  three students: two little boys who only
spoke Spanish and could not recognize any of the
alphabets and one little girl that only spoke Creole.

After three weeks one of the little boys advanced
faster than the other one, but they were both reading
in about three weeks. The little girl who only spoke
Creole was incredibly shy. However, one of her
teachers said she would come alive when they put
“Learning To Read with M.C. Ant Tanna” on the
television. The teacher reported that not only was this
young girl reading in three weeks, but she also became
much more interactive.

This is truly a success story because not only did she
become one of the best readers in her class but, to our
amazement and delight, she was chosen to read a
speech at the class graduation!

What a transformation and victory for her and for our
proven and results-driven Reading Program!
Children from Cuba and Haiti learn to read English in 3 weeks
Dr. Janice Jordan says one of the students that couldn't read before the intervention of the RR Method came back into her classroom reading passages and answering test questions better than her A students.
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English in 3 weeks!
Teacher Success Stories
Ms V. Perez says she was amazed when her student went up 2 levels on the FAIR test.

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